Gary Molinari

“Jeff, you delivered as promised! Your Magic Castle “cut deck of cards” not only gives new meaning to “cut the cards” but are truly a unique art form. Thanks again.”

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John Michael Hinton

“When I saw Jeff’s work at Magic Live I was amazed at the true craftsmanship and attention to detail. My cut deck is now one of my prized possessions on display for all to see!”

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Dennis Watkins – Magician

“Jeff Scanlan literally bottles magic.  He creates extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious objects that are more than a trick. Jeff’s impossible bottles are remarkable works of art that cannot be explained.  “Everything goes in through the mouth of the bottle,” he tells me.  And, even after a lifetime of creating magic for my own audiences, I …

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Jeff McBride

“You will be astonished by the 3-D decks impossibly delicate features. Jeff has created something unique. The 3-D deck is a wonderful addition to our Mystery School Museum collection.”

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Piff: The Magic Dragon

“I asked Jeff to put a deck of cards in a bottle for a display case at our show in the Flamingo of Las Vegas. I have no idea how he did it, but he did it and it looks fantastic. Next I think I’m going to see if he can get a Magic Performing Chihuahua in …

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Rhett Bryson

“Jeff, Your precise and amazing razor knife skills have produced a perfectly delightful and memorable 3-D deck of red Bicycle cards. Your good taste and design eye has produced a layered card-scape worthy of the magnificence of the Grand Canyon of card decks. I can’t imagine anyone who could improve on this eminently collectable 3-D …

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Paul Green – Magician

“Jeff Scanlan’s workmanship is great.  His attention to detail receives top marks. You can bet that I will be showing my bottles off and purchasing more of his exquisite work.”

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Steve Mcgrath

“Jeff your bottles truly are inexplicable and bewildering. Everyone I’ve proudly shown mine to has been awe-struck, it’s simply superb. Thanks so much for your fantastic service. It’s been a true pleasure dealing with you and I’ll look forward to buying another bottle from you.”

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Mike Powers – Magician

“My son’s eyes popped when he saw the deck of cards inside the Mistic Juice bottle. Santa will be delivering one to his house this year. Fantastic work Jeff! I continue to marvel at these impossible objects.”

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Steve Taylor

“Jeff, Your 3-D cut Bicycle decks are a wonder to behold and be held. The craftsmanship used to produce these decks is staggering. I proudly have my deck on display. I can’t wait to see what Jeff comes up with next.”

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