What Is Bottle Magic?

Bottle Magic, better known as Impossible Bottles, is the art of placing decks of cards and other objects into ordinary glass bottles through the neck. There are four rules to this art form that must be followed.

  1. The bottles have to be ordinary off the grocery store shelf bottles.
  2. The bottle can not be heated, cooled, cut or manipulated in any way, shape or form.
  3. Every item inside of the bottle must go through the bottle neck.
  4. Every item, once inside the bottle, must still be usable.

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Bottle Magic - In Case of Emergency

Bottle Magic The Golfer

The Golfer

Do you love to golf? Do you know someone who does? This is the perfect gift!


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Bottle Magic Decked


A deck of Bicycle playing cards in perfect order, still sealed with the original cellophane wrapping on.


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Bottle Magic Harry Eng Original - Baseball in Salsa Jar 2021

Baseball in Salsa Jar

Own a classic piece of Bottle Magic:  This is a duplicate of a Harry Eng original bottle.


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Bottle Magic Deck Merlot

Deck Merlot

Putting a deck of cards through a 1” opening is hard enough. Putting it through a ¾” neck that is 3” in length is a whole different story. A beautiful, polished Walnut display stand is included.


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Bottle Magic The Hockey Fan

The Hockey Fan

The hockey stick and puck are handmade and everything is hand-painted. Any NHL team available — just ask!


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Bottle Magic Bolted


A solid bolt pierces the center of the deck with a washer and nut fastened on either side.


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