Jeff Interviewed by Scott Wells of The Magic Word Podcast at Magic Live 2022

Jeff Interviewed by Scott Wells of The Magic Word Podcast at Magic Live 2022. Listen to the Podcast

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Jeff Interviewed on UK’s Gold Radio

Jeff was recently interviewed about his Bottle Magic for the UK’s Gold Radio.  Use the player below to listen to DJ Paul Coyte’s interview. Jeff Scanlan interviewed for UK’s Gold Radio

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Bottle Magic Featured in GAMES Magazine

Games Magazine recently released a four-page article featuring Jeff and Bottle Magic.  The article covers some of the history and challenges of Jeff’s career in the art of impossible bottle making, as well as touching on the work of his original inspiration, the great Harry Eng. Games Magazine: October 2011

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Winner Announced in the Conceptis Puzzles/Bottle Magic Sweepstakes

After receiving lots of puzzle solutions it’s now finally time to announce the winner of the Bottle Magic Sweepstakes. The winner is: Christian J. Corley (cjcorley) from Texas, USA. Christian will receive a custom made Bottle Magic bottle created by America’s Sports Magician Jeff Scanlan and containing Christian’s original solved puzzle shown below. Congratulations to Christian …

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Conceptis Puzzles Sweepstakes

Win a custom-made Bottle Magic bottle!  Take a look at Conceptis Puzzle’s Bottle Magic Sweepstakes:

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Bottle Magic Featured in Malaysia’s “Sun News”

Jeff Scanlan and Bottle Magic were featured in Malaysia’s Sun News.  Have a look! The Sun; 22 July 2007

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Jeff and Bottle Magic Featured in Linking Ring

Jeff was featured in The Linking Ring, the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Take a peek! The Linking Ring; March 2007

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Bottle Magic Featured in Conceptis Puzzles

Conceptis Puzzles profiled Jeff and the art of Impossible Bottlemaking

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Would You Like a Custom Bottle or Deck?

Contact Jeff Today to get your custom Bottle Magic piece of art.

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