Bottle Magic - Mike Voigt Bottle

Mike Voigt Bottle

A client of mine, Mike Voigt, wanted a blue “Locked Up” bottle. Yet, instead of having a Bicycle deck he asked for a blue Magic Castle deck. Well, I always aim to please. He got the bottle and loves it. Now it is proudly displayed on his desk.

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Joel Block Bottle

I was commissioned to make a bottle for Professional Speaker Joel Block. He wanted some of his swag in the bottle and the rest was up to me. This was the result. Joel was very happy with the result and has his bottle proudly displayed.

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Bottle Magic - Baseball Fan and Company Logo

The “Baseball Fan” and “Company Logo” bottle combined

I had a client in WI who was not only a Brewers fan but also worked for a casino, so, he wanted the two bottle types combined into one. This was the result. The client LOVED the bottle!

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Bottle Magic - The Dennis Watkins 3-D Cut Deck

The Dennis Watkins 3-D Cut Deck

Chicago magician, Dennis Watkins, asked me to cut one of his own personal brand of deck of cards.

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Bottle Magic Exploding Kittens

The “Exploding Kittens” 3-D Cut Decks

The Founder/CEO, Elan Lee, commissioned me to cut three of his company’s Exploding Kitten Decks. “Jeff, The decks look AMAZING!! Thank you so much for putting so much time and talent into them.” – Elan Lee, CEO Exploding Kittens

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Bottle Magic The Fishing Bottle 1

The Fishing Bottle

This bottle was made for Scott Flom. He is the father of magician Justin Flom.

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Bottle Magic Planes Trains Automobiles 1

The “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” 3-D Cut Deck

Magician, John Michael Hinton, asked me to cut one of his own personal brand of deck of cards.

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Kari Lake Bottle

Made for Kari Lake, the former #1 news anchor for Fox News AZ and now candidate for AZ Governor.

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David Hira Bottle

Made for Magician and Motivational Speaker David Hira

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“Jack in Jack” Bottle

Made for Larry Winget – Speaker & 6-Time NY Times Best Selling Author

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