Mark Chamberlain

“Jeff is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I’ve been a customer of his since he first started Bottle Magic some 20 years ago. I’ve gotten two deck bottles, both customized to my specifications. He gifted me the ‘Cork Screwed Up’ (corkscrew inside of wine bottle) bottle when I retired 11 years ago. I’ve also commissioned him for the ‘Golfer’ bottle for myself and one of my old bosses. If and when I finally hit a hole-in-one, the ball is going straight to Jeff!

My wife commissioned Jeff to create a bottle commemorating an important part of our history. He knocked it out of the park! It was made to her specifications. The artwork was spot on and we love it! When Jeff learned that one of the items in the bottle became loose during shipping, he built and delivered a new bottle! That is customer service at its finest!

Since then, Jeff has made us two of his newest pieces of art – the 3-D cut decks, which were perfect stocking stuffers this past Christmas. Jeff is meticulous, extremely detail-orientated and the most patient guy I know (he’s put up with me for 40+ years!). He is super talented and his art is unparalleled. He is uniquely talented and his focus is always on quality.”

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