Tim Trono

“For many years I have been a huge fan of Harry Eng’s work with impossible objects in a bottle.  With all due respect to the master: there’s a new kid in town.  Your Bottle Magic bottles are simply stunning.  You’re creating bottles that are simply mind boggling . . . impossibility caught for all to …

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Eugene Burger – Magician

“Jeff, it’s great to see you keeping Harry Eng’s legacy alive. Your bottles are true works of art.”

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John Rosso

“Jeff, I just received my Magic Castle 3-D cut cards and they are fantastic! It’s simply amazing artistry.”

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Ron Berlier

“Jeff your expertise at placing objects into a bottle continues to baffle me. You obviously have some great skills at your disposal. I was surprised, and appreciated the fact that you called me just to make sure my bottle order arrived in good condition. Thanks.”

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Donald Burke

“Jeff – Harry Eng bottles are both rare and dangerous to ship (often containing suspended large bolts in glass), so I got your Gallon Jug 1.0 bottle. I no longer feel any need to “upgrade” to an Eng (and have turned down a couple substandard overpriced simple Eng bottles). I get the complete “WOW!” factor …

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Jerry Slocum

“You have added new Impossible Bottle creations to Harry Eng’s legendary legacy!”

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Phil Willmarth

“Jeff your Deck in Crystal Decanter bottle is an elegant, mind-boggling puzzle reminiscent of the best in-bottle enigmas.”

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Newton Fong

“Jeff, I recently bought your Baseball in Small Salsa Jar. I just wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the workmanship (How DID you get that baseball into that small bottle with NO scuff marks?) and your service that I decided to buy another Baseball in Small Salsa Jar plus some …

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Max Maven – Magician/Mentalist

“In Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen states that “sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Jeff Scanlan’s astonishing bottles provide the opportunity to bask in impossible things all the time!”

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Jim Moor

“Jeff, I’m really impressed with the Gallon Jug 1.0 I recently purchased from you. This elaborate and skillfully crafted conundrum, in the style of the late Harry Eng’s “impossible” objects, has proven to be a source of both astonishment and admiration. You have proved that magic is more than mere illusion; it is reality that …

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