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Bottle Magic - Cork Screwed Up

Cork Screwed Up

The wine has been emptied from the bottle, the original cork is put back into the neck of the bottle, but the corkscrew is now inside the bottle going up into the cork! A beautiful, polished Walnut display stand is included.


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Bottle Magic - Decked


A deck of Bicycle playing cards in perfect order, still sealed with the original cellophane wrapping on.


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The Golfer

Do you love to golf? Do you know someone who does? This is the perfect gift!


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Bottle Magic - Fit To Be Tied

Fit to be Tied

A piece of rope pierces the center of the deck, suspended inside the bottle.


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The Hole in One

This one is perfect for commemorating your big moment. Display your hole-in-one golf ball inside a maraschino cherry bottle that rests on a golf tee.


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Bottle Magic - MLB in Salsa Jar

MLB in Salsa Jar

Own a classic piece of Bottle Magic:  This is a duplicate of a Harry Eng original bottle.


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Bottle Magic - Locked Up

Locked Up

The brass padlock is ¼” wider than the bottle opening.


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Bottle Magic - Company Logo

Company Logo

Personalization at its best! What a great way to have a customized piece of art.


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Bottle Magic - Baseball Fan - AZ D'Backs

The Baseball Fan

The baseball and bat are handmade, and everything is hand-painted. Any MLB team available — just ask!


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