Bottle Magic Swimmers Bottle

“Swimmers” Bottle

Made for Head Coach of Maine West H.S., IL

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Bottle Magic Depot Nuevo

“Depot Nuevo” Bottle

Made for Rob Garrison – Owner of Depot Nuevo Restaurant “Jeff, your Bottle Magic bottle has become the talk of my bar. Not only is the bottle artistic and entertaining, it significantly challenges the mind to understand your secret.  Even after hours of thought, I still don’t know how you got those items inside that …

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Bottle Magic End of Watch Bottle

“End of Watch” Bottle

Made for Capt. Lisa King – Hot Springs, AR P.D.

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Bottle Magic Glenview

“Two Blue” Bottle

Made for Charlie Masni – Bartender “Jeff, the bottle you made me is simply amazing and beautiful!” Charlie Masni Glenview, IL

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Bottle Magic Created for Magician Max Maven

“The Mentalist” Bottle

Made for Max Maven – Professional Magician/Mentalist & Author “In Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen states that “sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Jeff Scanlan’s astonishing bottles provide the opportunity to bask in impossible things all the time!” Max Maven, Magician Hollywood, CA

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Bottle Magic Created for Rush Limbaugh

“E.I.B” Bottle

Made for Rush Limbaugh – America’s #1 Conservative Talk Radio Host

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Bottle Magic When We Met Bottle

“When We Met” Bottle

Made for Ms. Nicki Roberts

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“Piff’s” Bottle

Made for “Piff The Magic Dragon” – Professional Magician  

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Bottle Magic 10-4 Bottle

“10-4” Bottle

Made for Mark & Katie Chamberlain – Retired FL Police Officers

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“FNC” Bottle

Made for Tony Snow – Fox News Anchor & 23rd White House Press Secretary

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